Midland Chandelier

The original Rotunda chandelier (made from lighthouse lenses) has long since been lost, the replacement chandelier took its lead from the original using a cluster of scientific glass tubes, originally intended as the centrepiece of a seafood and oyster bar and to be accompanied by an exhibition of Miss Great Britain photography from The Women's Library archives, as the very public end of the Midland Hotel it seemed appropriate to build the content around the populist, glitzy and borderline gaudy. Of particular interest in the Miss GB archives were the original scoring cards, a fragment of social attitudes largely consigned to the past, but visually the rather camp images from Miss GB's televised period were the most seductive. Sadly oysters and beauty queens didn't come to pass, but the chandelier is there as testament to our ambition to bring a bit of seaside glitz and seafood glamour to the project.