Planning permission has been granted for installational works to FACT as part of their capital plan and repositioning strategy for 2011-12. Proposals include a new dedicated education and training facility, reception and FACT shop in the remodelled entrance foyer.




A number of key moves have been made to enhance the visitor experience that plays on the existing narrative of the cube, a motif that reconnects with FACT’s existing logo.


1. A new signage installation to Ropewalks Square, which is seen as the building’s forecourt by many, provides direction and orientation to the main entrance.


2. Interactive cubes provide an engaging dialogue of objects and portals through the building’s central thoroughfare communicating digital information whilst redefining thresholds of existing event spaces. Their polished stainless steel structures and digitally driven mirrored surfaces appear as high techinstallations inserted within existing concrete walls. Each provide numerous sensory and interactive effects that engage with visitors and coexist as a family of objects to create a strong visual narrative throughout the building. The cubes engage with visitors interactively whilst providing a strong wayfinding strategy between existing gallery and event spaces.


3. The design exploits under-used space at mezzanine level in the main entrance to create an additional floor dedicated to an educational hub and other events. This expands FACT’s capacity for hosting a range of events whilst improving current facilities and releasing space elsewhere for new uses. A new digital screen heighten awareness of current events and cinematic screenings within the entrance foyer. The base of this area sees the relocation of the existing bookshop.


4. A 5 storey roof-mounted cubic structure announces the building’s entrance and forms a new beacon signalling to various nodes within the city. The summit of the structure uses digital technology to convey information and citywidevisual displays. The existing roof structure is sufficient to allow a transfer support structure that cantilevers the structure directly off the roof.


5. New sliding doors to Franklins café provide a welcome connection with Artshouse square to the rear of the building.