Saxton Phase I

Saxton, Leeds


Mixed tenure housing


Saxton was the subject of a three stage competition judged by Urban Splash, RENEW and the Saxton Gardens Tenants & Residents Association. The Saxton project addresses two 1960s residential blocks on the fringe of Leeds city centre. The existing concrete frame has been retained and extended with a steel frame to increase the floorplate and allow replanning of the internal spaces to meet modern space, servicing and density requirements.As part of a mixed tenure estate the blocks and their surroundings had to be fully integrated with existing occupied blocks and as a result a number of the core ideas, particularly in landscape treatments, came directly from consultation with the resident’s association.


Strong, bold moves transform the existing envelope with glass reinforced reconstituted stone with variagated finishes, recessed balconies and coloured reveals. The elevation treatment turns out to form a central distribution hub spanning over the sunken parking and conjoining the blocks. Illuminations mark the access cores whilst lush terraces, stepped lawns, orchards and allotments adorn the periphery.Forming part of a mixed tenure estate the local residents association and regeneration bodies have been heavily involved in design development. An emphasis on landscape, the allotments and terraced orchards have grown out of this community consultation. The allotments became the central theme of the redevelopment proposals.