Midland Standard 8

The history of a building is not just about conception but equally the life of the building and the experiences of people, understanding the building was in some part understanding Oliver Hill's vision but also understanding what the building had come to mean and symbolise for generations of visitors and locals. These films fell into our lap at the very beginning of the Midland Hotel project when project architect Su Stringfellow's uncle bought an old cine projector and box of films at a car boot sale - the films were of the Midland Hotel and Morecambe, shot by a family staying at the hotel in the 1950's the heyday of Morecambe's popularity (no longer the more exclusive fashionability of the 30's). These highly evocative films became part of the background to our response and specifically were the inspiration for colour choices made in the refurbished room types, each based on a still from the films that is displayed in the room.