Biennial Office

Biennial Office, Liverpool


The art of doing just enough.


Liverpool Biennial is responsible for the UK’s largest festival of contemporary visual art. Created in 1998, the Liverpool Biennial are currently preparing for it’s fifth festival to coincide with Liverpool’s year of European Capital of Culture. Formerly operating from a shared office in the Tea Factory, Liverpool Biennial commissioned UN to design a new office within a disused light commercial unit. Located near to the Greenland Street Art Gallery and Liverpool’s Contemporary Urban Centre, the new office adds a creative contribution to the prospering arts quarter housed within the warehousing district. The existing building offered a raw charm, which was retained and rejuvenated with deference, using functional and subtle modern interventions. The organisation called for an anterior presence and a variety of spaces to meet their varied and flexible requirements. The aim was to retain the large-scale industrial nature of the unit whilst creating more intimate, concentrated spaces through the introduction of free standing volumes, well-designed storage and a varied collection of furniture and lighting solutions.