A Foundation

Galleries in the former Kerson Works, Greenland Street, Liverpool for A Foundation.


The A Foundation, a Registered Charity, was established by James Moores in 1998. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to support the development, production and exhibition of contemporary visual art, focussing on the enrichment and regeneration of Liverpool through culture and the arts. In Autumn 2006, it launched Greenland Street, an arts centre located in a former foundry in Liverpool’s warehousing district. The brief was to create, at minimum cost, semi-permanent access, lobby, circulation and service facilities.


Our installational response uses a deep portal, a natural felt clad polyhedron, to make the transition from outside to inside, from large industrial scale to intimate human scale. The light and sound absorbent felt surface creates space between the industrial and the cultural use represented by the two consecutive doorways. Inside we have made only minimal and hopefully concise interventions, white and green objects (the green is drawn from fragments of existing colour) furniture and light installations are used to repopulate and reanimate the raw found space.