MPV, Leeds


Multipurpose Venue.


MPV makes imaginative use of the often left over spaces beneath railways to provide a series of interconnected multipurpose venue/bar/club spaces. MPV is a response to both the working restrictions adjacent to the main Transpennine railway line and to the requirement for an iconic destination venue in an otherwise fringe location.


Union North’s work often inhabits the spaces between disciplines: MPV is industrial design, product design, civil engineering, branding and architecture. MPV uses shipbuilding and coach building techniques to deliver a potentially transportable solution that can be adapted to temporary uses.


An enveloping, wrap around aesthetic was sought, blurring wall, floor and ceiling into a single unified membrane. This was achieved by prefabricating the units in 2 meter segments from steel plate and standard sections. The interior was lined with ply which forms a continuous surface as it folds from the ceilings to the walls and floor. At the front of the units GRP is employed for reduced weight on the doors and to achieve the more complex double curved geometries required.